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On a recent press trip, I was lucky enough to get to know some of the outdoor activities in Birmingham, AL. The Little Five Points were highly recommended by pretty much everyone and came up when I asked readers for suggestions on what they could do in and around Birmingham.

Popular local eateries include hearty soul food such as Bawarchi's Chicken and Waffle House and a great barbecue area. This is the place in Birmingham and if you have a really good barbecue, you should definitely go south for a barbecue.

If you're interested in the civil rights movement, download this tour and ride a bike to Kelly Ingram Park, located in the Civil Rights District. Here you will find a variety of fun activities in Birmingham such as hiking, picnicking, cycling and much more. Locations include Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, the Alabama Museum of Natural History and the University of Alabama in Birmingham. There are a lot of friends who live in and around Birmingham so this is a great place to find out where they live and make sure they enjoy all of it.

Those with a green thumb and an interest in hydrangeas will find many nature and garden lovers here. Here you will find a variety of plants with many vibrant colors in the form of flowers, shrubs and trees, as well as flowers and plants from all over the world.

You will have a lot to do, from a day of shopping at the Riverchase Galleria to an afternoon of hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking and other outdoor activities. Pepper Place offers activities for children if you are looking for some fun and entertainment in the summer months. Enjoy a knitting group or a dog trip, where you can read to your dog in the shade of a tree or on the sunbathing lawn.

While this may seem like an unusual addition to the list, consider how much more fun other adventures in Hoover are when your oral health is first-rate. This place on Shades Crest Road near Hoover has a rich history of romance and even some heart-warming poems. Enjoy a day at the Riverchase Galleria or a night at one of the many sports and theme restaurants in the area.

There are over 10,000 different plant species that help preserve the beauty and existence of Alabama. This reserve, owned and maintained by the people of Hoover, is blessed with over 1,500 acres of wildflowers, trees, shrubs and other plants and animals.

One of the most notable attractions is the Hoover Botanical Garden of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and the Alabama Department of Natural Resources. This is the perfect place to browse for quality products and buy plants, flowers, herbs and other natural products.

Downtown Birmingham, the state's largest city, is the perfect destination for a long weekend. It is a perfect place to go out and enjoy exciting hiking trails, enjoy a nice run and experience the beauty of Alabama. Red Mountain Park is surrounded by a lot of forest in this area, making it one of the best places in Hoover for hiking and camping. Great deciduous forests and evergreen meadows make this the ideal place in town to enjoy beautiful descents or just spend some quality time outdoors.

If you have much more on your bucket list, here is a list of our favourite parks we have discovered so far in Birmingham, parks highly recommended by the BMC team. If you're looking for free options in and around Birmingham, you can take a look around the Birmingham Botanic Garden.

Originally founded by local gardening owner Eddie Aldridge, the garden features a wide variety of hydrangea plants. The site is located on a page that offers beautiful sights and activities, and there is a wide selection of amenities. With restaurants and shops helping the local economy to succeed, people are encouraged to make friends and enjoy nature.

Another fun is the opportunity to write your name on the Vernon site in the form of a letter to your favorite local author. There is a wide range of books for sale as well as a wide range of handicrafts and activities.

Get the most out of every place you visit, and this is a must for things you can do when you live in beautiful Hoover. These are just some of the places to visit in Hoover, Alabama and one of my favorite places in Birmingham, and the things I do in Birmingham. There are many great places to shop, eat, shop and other things - to - do in the Hoover area.

It is a great resource to get to know places you'll see along the way, including the Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham Parks and Recreation Department and many more. Bring your family and friends to these events and activities for all ages and interests. A list of 14 free activities in Birmingham that you and your family or friends can enjoy in the summer.

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