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If you're a concert junkie and have never heard of DIY Birmingham, you're in for a day. Live music and restaurants are in full swing, and there are many live music venues in the Birmingham area as well as a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes and more.

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American military personnel and played at Camp LeJeune, where they entertained them on July 4. We love to go to concerts at the Iron City BJCC, but it's pretty hard to beat the historic Alabama theater. Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy live music on a whim, or do you love to attend a concert in IronCity or at the BJ CC?

Birmingham is experiencing a quietly growing jazz renaissance, which the Thompsons helped to drive, and who could do without great musicians like Slag Heap? It's easy to think of music in downtown, but close your eyes as they play, and you'll hear Stewart's Alabama home. This is one of the city's most popular jazz bands and a staple of Birmingham music.

Alabama is a complicated place, and its history is full of dark characters and cultural conflicts, but it's also strangely compelling. On my first Friday after moving to Birmingham, I heard this Grateful Dead cover band, so good that I almost turned into a dead head.

Sam Marefka, Reed, Rickerson and Thompson had reunited and played together in a small town in Alabama, just a few miles from my hometown of Birmingham. The band took the name "Dogwood" from the small, unincorporated town just off the street and built on the sound of the Grateful Dead's ringing guitars and the sounds of their old rock'n "roll roots. Mare fka was the lead singer; Reed played guitar, MareFka keyboard, Thompson was drummer Rickerson played bass and Mare Fka on drums and keyboard.

The band's five-year history has produced a series of original tunes that combine with the best Americana standards of today as the genesis of a rich musical era. These melodies have endured for decades, even though some of the active musicians have had more successful careers in other genres such as country, blues, jazz and rock'n'roll.

County Seat finds its narrator in constant motion, hoping to survive the mystery and tribulation of the 21st century South while retaining a glimmer of hope. No doubt anyone who has followed Sam's musical journey will know his work as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and guitarist, but the music of Clay States is anything but derivative. Music of Founding America, "which features a number of original songs by Sam and his band members. Occasionally there is a song about a night that should be remembered, like the song "Happiness" from the band's debut album, Americana in the South.

The band will make your feet bob and sway to the driving rhythm and make you dance all the time. The band plays with a variety of instruments, from guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and drums to drums and keyboards.

According to Sam, the highlight of Blue Moon's Day was the performance in Birmingham at the last City Stages in 2009. This soon led to them playing in clubs and colleges and playing small concerts in different places every night. The Blind Melon opened for WorkPlay at their first show at Birmingham Music Hall in October 2010.

He grew up surrounded by rock'n "roll music in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, and although he never played anything like that, he went to a music school in Alabama to play his Les Paul guitar. He took guitar lessons from Archer Guitar and eventually dropped all other instruments to concentrate on the guitar, although the lessons stopped when Blue Moon started. So Sam decided to take a risk and move to Nashville, a city known for its rock'n'roll and country music scene.

The room still has room to grow and there is a banquet hall which is being worked on. Sam got a job as a bartender at a restaurant where everyone he knew in Hoover was a staff member, so he made a living from music.

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