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I # ve shared my love for the Willard Hotel, but as the hotel celebrates its 200th anniversary, a quick review is appropriate. The restaurant Dim Sum presents a seductive menu that convinced me and many other guests. The TungLok Group owns and operates over 35 restaurants in Asia and has seen the success of its flagship restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan.

Against an eclectic backdrop of colonial and tropical architecture, the Tanglin Mall is a niche for expatriates, yuppies and professionals, reflecting an ambience of warmth and comfort. The restaurant design includes a variety of menu items to enhance the overall experience for guests. Battlefield Mall, is home to Macyas and more than 125 specialty stores that range from lifestyle and jewelry to clothing, accessories, homewares, apparel and accessories for men, women and children. One of the largest retail chains in the US, with over 1,000 stores operating under the Mall name, owns the majority of the stores and restaurants in the mall, as well as a number of other retail outlets.

For a relaxing stay, treat yourself to one of the hotel's many private suites, such as the Grand Ballroom or the Birmingham Room. Each room also has a seating area with a fireplace, ironing board and a fully equipped kitchen.

For shopping and outdoor enthusiasts, the hotel is home to one of Thailand's largest outdoor shopping centres with more than 1,000 shops. When shopping, you can earn up to 5,000 Baht for each of them, and there are several playing fields, golf courses and other outdoor activities that offer breathtaking views of Hoover.

It is a great place to do a lap at the end of a long day or just swim in the pool after a busy day of shopping and shopping.

Guests can register at 1-888-211-9874 and apply for a free membership to the Priority Club Rewards. To use the free pick-up service, call the rental location on the phone number provided on the reservation confirmation or log on to priorityclub.com. Guests can also register for the Priority Club Rewards Program at any location by calling or by registering at PriorityClub.org.

The hotel is just blocks from the Alabama Museum of Natural History and is close to attractions including the Alachua County Courthouse and Aldridge Park. Pedal past historic landmarks such as Little India, Chinatown and Marina Bay, or listen to the engaging commentary on the city's history and tourist attractions. Listen to a live music performance by local artists and musicians, as well as live entertainment from local bands and artists.

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Julie Ward Howe wrote the lyrics to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" while staying at Willard's in 1861. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote about his visit to Hoover, Alabama, where he stayed at the Hoover Alabama Intercontinental Hotel in the early 1960s. The hotel was described by the Rev. Dr. John F. Kennedy, America's first black president.

Although I would have preferred to be there in person, the next best thing was to watch the 69th Presidential Inauguration from the lobby of Willard's Hotel. I was one of those people who really hated to leave, but I didn't want to stay too long. If I were to try to attend the inauguration in person this week, when it became clear that there was no one from whom I could choose, I knew that the will would serve as an appropriate backing - upward.

As always when a historic event is on the horizon, Secret Service agents swarmed around the hotel. A hotel employee stood at the front desk while Secret Service agents stood guard at both entrances on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Robert Kennedy directed FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to tap King's room where King had been caught having an extramarital affair. During the Civil War, the Willard served as Union headquarters in the District of Columbia. Abraham Lincoln was smuggled into the Willard, guarded by guards, where he lived before entering the White House on March 4, 1861. Can you imagine him taking office at the risk of his life?

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